The Women’s Crypto Association began as an answer to some of the challenges facing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.  As women in the space, we felt our leadership, skill sets, and viewpoints were not being well represented.  While there are women technical experts, it’s can be difficult to relate to the technical jargon sometimes if one doesn’t have a tech background, and there are a lot of stories warning people of the dangers in the space.  There was also a culture and environment that wasn’t conducive to equal opportunity in business.  While there are admittedly problems, we felt that without healthy debate and conversation with groups of all backgrounds, we would not be able to solve these issues.  We aim to change the narrative of this specialized industry from overly complicated tech speak and propaganda to the tales of inspiration and empowerment we are living.

Our interests include promoting the acceptance of Bitcoin through leadership, support, outreach, and public discussion.

We hope to encourage collaboration between women and men interested in conducting business within this space, and be of service to those who are new to the community or curious about Bitcoin.

We look to support the growing community with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  Our goal and mission is to help make Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency a success.  We believe we are at the dawn of a new era, and we know this technology gives us the power to liberate millions of people worldwide.  We hope to partner with nonprofits, companies, and individuals who believe in our goals.  If you would like to know more, please reach out and let us know what you think about business and culture in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

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